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   what if this time I will write in english? just this one time. cause this is the very first post where I'm showing you guys my first pictures through film AND pictures from my very first time abroad! yeah, for almost two weeks of summer I was in England! *yay* to visit England was one of my biggest dreams and definitely the top of my bucket list and I'm not gonna lie, I had the best time of my life, I was travelling with my the most amazing friend Austėja and we were staying at my brother's and his girlfriend's flat in a small town called Burton on Trent. the journey was horrible! don't ever travel by bus, it was such a terrible experience. but yeah, we survived. for one night and day Austėja and me went to our dream city - London. and then I took the first photo with my instant camera. the time we spent in London was incredible. I can't even describe in words how much I fell in love with London, and with England in general. London is such an amazing city and I will never forget my first time there (I really really hope that I will go back there as soon as possible). so yeah. my fist time in England and my first pictures through film. I want to thank Austėja for the best company and the best time ever and of course for my brother and Laura, who helped us a lot and let us stay with them (they probably won't even read this but oh well). this week Austėja and me are instantly talking about our summer trip, we feel very nostalgic so I think it's the right time to sum up our journey moments and show you the pictures. I hope you enjoy, don't be harsh on me cause remember - it's my very first pictures! but yeah, I'm waiting for your comments, I loved taking photos with film and I would love to know what do you think! should I give it another try? let me know! sorry for my bad english AND photoshoot photos are coming SOON!

random conversations with random people 

central London

London at 5 am

little girls in big city

i'm sherlockian for life

burton on trent


my babe austėja

fuckin' hot summer day

lovely cafe

iced coffee


casually lying:)